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Court Reporting

Well-trained, expertly vetted, certified court reporters are the cornerstone of our business. Just like all of Worldwide Litigation Services, our reporters are consistently professional, punctual, and reliable.

Legal Videography

Whether your goal is to preserve testimony, impeach a witness at trial, or simply show the jury a more engaging and contextual presentation, our legal videographers capture depositions in stunning HD quality.


Our conference rooms are equipped with HD Video Conferencing equipment and offer coffee and beverage services, administrative support, and furniture that will have you comfortable all the way through the marathon depos.

Global Reach with Local Talent

The main concern when choosing a national court reporting firm is knowing that the service you get at home is the same service you can expect while traveling. At Worldwide Litigation Services we have a stringent vetting process that is accepting of only the finest service providers whether your deposition is at our home office in Chicago or across the globe.

One Firm, One Experience

With offices located in the bustling business district of Chicago, Illinois, we’re conveniently located near Millenium Park, fine dining, and world-class accommodations.

Corporate Solutions

Managing litigation expenses can be a tricky business. From legal fees to expert witnesses, litigation costs can quickly get out of hand. Corporate solutions form Worldwide Litigation Services means that your corporation can accurately forecast costs even across state lines.  One Firm, One Experience.

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