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Remote Depositions

Seamless Remote Depositions, Anytime. Anywhere.

WorldwideConnect® is here to help you achieve easy, effective, and secure remote depositions from anywhere at any time. Our simple, yet powerful features will ensure your success.

Simple & Powerful Features


We make sharing exhibits uncomplicated and easy! Our WorldwideConnect®​ experts will walk you through the whole process and show you our hassle-free structure so you can easily share exhibits.

Multiple Connections

Up to 100 participants can connect via computers, tablets, and smartphones, from anywhere in the world that has cellular or internet connection and it's 100% secure.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Our WorldwideConnect® team are the experts and available all day, every day. Schedule online at or call us at 1-855-614-6175 to schedule your deposition today.

Remote Reporter + Videographer

Experience the ultimate convenience with our remote reporter & videographer service, delivering professional court reporting and video deposition expertise directly to your virtual legal proceedings.

WorldwideConnect® Delivers!

Our advanced technology and experience in the court reporting industry guarantees a more effective, well-organized and user-friendly remote experience. When you chose WorldwideConnect®, you will receive unsurpassed customer service and technological excellence

No Additional Cost

With WorldwideConnect® you get a premium service without the burden of extra hidden costs and fees.

You've Got Options.

When it comes to remote depositions with Worldwide Litigation Services, you’ve got options! Whether on a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone, or you’d prefer teleconference or video conference, we can accommodate your request.

WorldwideConnect® remote depositions

You will receive a link via email from one of our expert technicians prior to the deposition. It is as easy as clicking on the link! Connect up to 100 people from absolutely anywhere. WorldwideConnect® technology is amazing and limitless. You can share screens, play video with audio, and pull up exhibits. Our team will walk you through the whole process, and if you choose, we can stay on with you during the entire process monitoring the connection to guarantee everything goes perfectly.


You can take your deposition by phone. WorldwideConnect® provides you with a dial-in number for all parties involved. It’s best to contact our experts just prior to the deposition so we can run a test call to make sure your audio is of the highest quality.


You, the court reporter, and the witness can attend the remote deposition via one of our video conference centers around the world. The picture quality and audio is exceptional due to WorldwideConnect® video and web conferencing advanced technology. With IP videoconferencing, your firm can conduct securely communicated depositions in full HD from the comfort of one of our deposition suites or your law firm. Our systems ensure that the picture and sound are crystal clear every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve facilitated thousands of depositions in-person, remotely, and hybrid. To assure everything goes smoothly, we offer expert technicians that can assist you during your entire deposition. Whether it be pulling exhibits, sharing exhibits, annotating & marking exhibits, or assisting you in breakout rooms, we got your back!

Take a look at our frequently asked questions or give us a call today for assistance by our deposition expert technicians.

Our WorldwideConnect® solution has no additional cost.

If the reporter is not with the witness, a stipulation on the record may be required regarding the reporter’s ability to swear in the witness. Some states may have specific requirements about the administration of the oath when not present with the witness. We can help you find out that information. 

Either the attorney or the court reporter can present them, but it is our suggestion that the attorney presents the exhibits because they are familiar with the exhibits. It is difficult for the court reporter to take the deposition and also scroll through and share the exhibits. It saves a lot of time and frustration if the attorney shares them. Another option is to have a WorldwideConnect® specialist assist with presenting the exhibits. Worldwide Litigation has this option available and would assign a technician to monitor the entire deposition process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. There is no extra fee for this service if a videographer is also scheduled for the deposition.

Paralegals can share exhibits and we offer training so that they are comfortable with the process. This can help streamline the process and make the deposition run more smoothly.

Breakout rooms are very similar to an attorney and witness leaving the deposition to go into a separate room to talk. The host, WorldwideConnect® specialist or the court reporter would assign a breakout room for specific people. They would then be in a separate room to privately communicate. The rest of the people in the depo will not be able to hear or see them. The host can also set a timer on the breakout room. Once the timer is up, they are back in the depo with everyone else.

An internet connection and computer, smartphone, or tablet. You will need to ensure there is a microphone and webcam. 

The higher the speed, the better.  You will need at least a 1.5 Mb connection for video. If you’re using a cell phone, you’ll need to be connected to wifi or have at least a 4G connection.

Yes, at an additional fee. All of our legal videographers are WorldwideConnect® techs and are able to troubleshoot, officiate on and off the record, sync the video with the transcript, and more.

Easy!  Interpreters are invited to join the meeting, like any other participant.  They are able to provide the same service that they otherwise would from their home or office. 

If the deponent doesn’t have the proper equipment, we offer our JetPack service, providing everything needed for a remote deposition: an iPad, charger, stand, and microphone! Simply ensure internet access, and you’re ready to go. Please contact us for more information.

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