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Legal Videography

Professional Legal Videography

Video depositions add another dimension to your trail presentation. Video is often times the most impactful way to show testimony.

Capturing Legal Moments With Precision

Ninety percent of people remember what they hear and see.  Add another dimension to your trial presentation by hiring a Worldwide Litigation Services’ certified legal video specialist. Whether your goal is to preserve testimony, impeach a witness at trial, or simply show the jury a more engaging and contextual presentation, our certified legal video specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to accurately capture every nuance.  Depositions and legal proceedings are recorded using broadcast-quality, high-definition cameras and high-gain microphones.  Recorded video depositions can be the defining difference in negotiations and courtroom presentations by allowing you to observe the demeanor, reactions, body language, intonation, and facial expressions of the deponent.

Video + Transcript Synchronization

By syncing the transcript and video, the text scrolls as the video plays. This service allows you to search more efficiently, annotate, and index footage to highlight and evaluate critical testimony.

Video Streaming

Have a client or expert who is unable to attend a video deposition or proceeding? Our video streaming service allows remote participants to view the legal video specialist's live feed on their computer or tablet using an internet connection and our WorldwideConnect® platform.

In-House Video Editing Development

You are in good hands with Worldwide Litigation Services' in-house video editing and production department. Whether you need an expedited video or last-minute edits made for a playback, our video team is here to support you 24/7.

Expedited Services

No matter how tight the deadline, you can count on Worldwide Litigation Services' legal videographers to deliver.

Day-In-The-Life + Playbacks

Our legal videographers are experienced in all areas of litigation. Whether you need to capture a day-in-the-life video for your client, the signing of a prenuptial agreement, or a playback for trial, we've got you covered.

Equipment Rental

Contact Worldwide Litigation Services for all of your equipment rental needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Videographers

    Our team of legal videographers brings extensive experience in the legal industry. We understand the unique requirements of legal videography and are dedicated to delivering top-notch services.

  • High-Quality Equipment

    At Worldwide Litigation Services, we invest in cutting-edge videography equipment to ensure the highest quality recordings. Our technology enhances clarity, detail, and overall video presentation.

  • Dependability & Timeliness

    Trust is crucial in legal proceedings. We pride ourselves on our dependability and timely delivery. Count on us to provide the video documentation you need, precisely when you need it.

How We Work

  • Schedule Videography Services

    Contact Worldwide Litigation Services to schedule legal videography services for your upcoming depositions, witness testimonies, or scene recreations.

  • Professional Videographers

    Our team of professional videographers will be on-site, equipped with the latest technology and a keen eye for detail. We work seamlessly with your legal team to ensure all essential elements are captured.

  • Video Editing & Delivery

    After the recording, our skilled video editors meticulously edit and enhance the footage. The final product is delivered in your preferred format, ready for use in legal proceedings.

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